Request a Review

There are two ways that you can get a book reviewed on Review Haven - SFF. The Paid Review, or the Free Review. Both require books that fulfill the following criterion:

1) Must be a Science-Fiction or Fantasy novel.

That's it. However, due to the high volume of requests, Review Haven cannot guarantee that your request will be accepted. At this time, we aim to publish a minimum of two paid, and two free reviews each month.

Note that paying for a review will not affect the review itself. All reviews are honest. For the terms of each review, read below.

Paid Reviews

There are no additional criteria for a paid review.

Both eBooks (Kindle format) or hard copies are accepted for paid review, which ensures a deadline of one month after both the novel and payment are received. Once the review has been written, you will be given the option as to whether it is cross-posted on the following sites:

Library Thing
Amazon (US and UK)
Google Books
Barnes and Noble

As well as any particular website you may request. (conditions apply)

Paid reviews cost £25/$40, although if the novel is rated 8/10 or higher, £5/$8 will be refunded.

Please email Paid Review with the subject "SFF Paid Review Request" followed by the title of your book. E.g. "SFF Paid Review Request - The Flaming Sword"

Free Reviews

A free review will not be given for an anthology, and eBooks are not accepted. For a free review, you must be willing to send a hard copy of the novel to the UK.

If accepted, the review will be posted here, as well as Goodreads and Amazon (UK). Free reviews will aim to be completed within two months of receiving the novel, but it may take longer.

Please email Free Review with the subject "SFF Free Review Request" followed by the title of your book. E.g. "SFF Free Review Request - The Flaming Sword"