Sunday, 4 April 2010

NEWS: When a Site is Born...

Welcome to the rather originally and imaginatively named Fantasy and Sci-Fi Review Blog. This Blog was designed for the sole purpose, as the name suggests, of reviewing Fantasy and Science Fiction Books. And maybe the odd film now and again (but we'll not talk about that).

A question I'm sure some of you are thinking about maybe considering, is what makes this stand out from the other multitudes of book review sites out there, and why does the internet need another one?

Well right now the main difference is that this site has considerably less reviews. But since this is the first entry, that should change rather quickly. Now the most important difference is that this site is the first step in a much larger project to create a searchable books database for fantasy and science fiction books. Of course, such a project requires data to be input, and I thought that as I wrote reviews for as many books as possible, I might as well put them online in a blog. Because of this, the reviews on this blog will contain more information about the books themselves.

For example, I tend to prefer fantasy books with a female lead character, so information like main character gender will be included after the review, alongside length, types of relationship, and anything else that may be requested by readers.

So I hope this blog is helpful, once reviews are posted, and i wish you all good Fantasy Reading :-)

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