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The Prophecy of Zephyrus

Title: The Prophecy of Zephyrus
Author: G.A.Hesse
Series: Standalone

Score: 8/10
How long I would stay up reading: 2am
How likely I am to read the next in the Series: Quite Likely (if there is one)


Where do I start? The world that Hesse creates is a wonderful to be taken to, whether by the spirit comet as Obie is, or by reading the pages of the book. I was severely disappointed when the book ended, as it meant that I would be forced to leave.

It is not a particularly described world, the author leaves much of that to the imagination. But the characters are particularly realistic, even though one consists of a talking mole, and another as a half-lion, half man. The only character I though unrealistic was a talking falcon, a minor character in the last few pages of the book. It is easy to become attached to the main female character, and we can easily understand the main characters fascination with her, as if we herself were fascinated. Through these characters we percieve the world around them, and it is through them that it comes alive.

The title refers to the prophecy that the events unfold around. While Zephyrus is not really mentioned, or explained, the prophecy is incredibly well thought out, referring to some little details that cannot be predicted until after the event. It makes me wonder if it was actually written after the rest of the book.

The beginning of the book however, is far too rushed. Until he is taken to the fantasy world, we understand little of what's going on, and an event is over short after it has begun. The matter of the nightmares and discovery of the stone, the two reasons for him goint to the other world, need to be expanded upon, and so does his main love interest, Shannon, who is barely mentioned. I would like to see a longer first part, until the comet takes him to Windermere.

But the ending is spectacular, unpredictable, and unexpected. Perhaps not the most spectacular twist, it's plausible if you consider the story in hindsight, but one of the most unexpected. And also quite satisfying. It leaves no burning questions, and few loose ends. In some ways however, it is quite an emotional end, drawing soft but real emotion from the reader as they read the closing chapter.

The artwork is stunning, and althought the title made me dubious of the story, I would recommend it as light reading. It is an easy story to pick up and get into, and doesn't mean you lose the plot when you put it down as some more complex books would. It would be an ideal book for a fantasy lover to take on journeys and holidays.

More Information
Main Protagonist(s): 3 Male
Main Antagonist(s): 1 Male
Main Relationships: Heterosexual (But Minor)
Genre: Fantasy
Brief Synopsis: (From Amazon)

17-year-old Obie Griffin knew he was a jinx. He d proven that. So why was he chosen to fulfill an old prophecy and become the Protector of the Moonpath Riders, the beautiful Gabrielle and her windlord, Mara? Whisked back to an ancient kingdom at a time when black sorcery is destroying the world, he must decide whether to remain there, or return to the safety of his own time if it still exists. When an unexpected event occurs, Obie makes a decision that hurls him into an epic journey with his horse, Shadow, and two unlikely companions. Traveling through gloomy oak forests and deadly highland blizzards, they encounter Zelda the River Witch, enemy goblins, fierce warriors spawned by black magic, and others. But the worst is yet to come, for it dawns on Obie that he must soon defend Gabrielle against the King of Darkness in a battle to save the earth---and the soul be thinks he's lost.

Website: Publisher's Page (A brilliant website for the book)
Amazon Link: UK Site (unavailable in UK store) US Site
Pages: 431
First Published: November 2009
Publisher: AHAH Books

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