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DC Comics 75th Anniversary Poster Book

DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book
Title: DC Comics 75th Anniversary Poster Book
Author: Robert Schnakenberg & Paul Levitz


Score: 9/10


This is a somewhat different... type... of book than those I normally review. But I'll give it a go!

The DC 75th anniversary poster book is quite an impressive collection of 100 posters (as advertised on the cover. The covers themselves cover both the greatest, most important comics in the history of DC, and some of the weirder ones as well (Mr District-Attorney, for example).

Each poster consists of a full-page cover on one side, with a brief description (~200 words) of the history of the cover on the reverse, and two small similar covers beneath the description.

But all of them or of high quality, on good, thick paper, and very easy to remove from the book. They are easy to frame,although I have to admit, I wouldn't personally frame a comic cover unless it was an original/1st edition. But they can be stuck onto walls with blu-tack easily, and with-great effect. In fact, my flatmates liked them so much we put many of them up in our kitchen (See Image Below!).

The only issue I had with the content was that in the plentiful batman covers, the only famous villain to be displayed was the joker (and and odd harley quinn). I would have liked to have seen two-face, poison ivy or maybe the riddler. A couple of them appeared on the small covers on the back of the posters, but not on the main posters.

But otherwise, this book was anything a DC or comic-poster fan could ask for, and especially for those who are avid fans of DC through the years. This is the best poster book I've seen. I love this book, and look forwards to the 100th anniversary...

More Information
ISBN: 9781594744624Website:
Amazon Link: DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book
Pages: 208
First Published: 2010
Publisher: Quirk Books

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