Thursday, 14 April 2011

NEWS: More Posts, More Regularly...

Those who regularly read this blog may have noticed that for the last for weeks, every post has been on a Tuesday. That's because I decided that reviewing regularly was a good idea, and likely to make more people keep reading the blog.

Now... One review a week isn't a lot. But since this is pretty much a bobby-type affair, real-life prevents me reading lots of books a week. So I've come to a conclusion. It doesn't take long to write the review, just the reading. So there will be another post each week, with either a shorter, less detailed review of books that I've already read or reviews of shorter books (Such as those aimed at Children). This will allow me to spread more reviews, without taking up too much more of my time, as well as reviewing some of the Kid's books I have waiting.

The first of these Friday posts will be posted in exactly 24 hours from this post, and the first few will be some of my favourite books. The Tuesday posts will continue ro be books read with the intention of reviewing, as usual.

Hopefully this will allow me to review more books, more regularly, and more often.


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