Thursday, 14 July 2011

NEWS: Well, That's Different...

You may have noticed that the site looks a little different. I decided that the site needed something more, something to make it stand out. A logo, a banner, a colour-scheme. Something. So this is it.

It started with the favicon. Who wants the blogger icon at the top of their blog? There's no individuality there. So I decided to change it. It took a while to figure out something that represented both books and reviews, but I think I finally found it.

Then I added the iPhone icon. For those who don't know, on the iPhone you can save websites to the homepage, making them look like apps. Big companies have special icons, but for most sites, especially ones hosted on bigger sites like blogger, it's just a screenshot of the page. I didn't like that, so I found that there is a way to change it. (It's automatically made glassier and rounder by apple)

But I realised that didn't match the site. The symbol was blue, and slightly artistic. The blog was black, and had no imagery whatsoever (except in the actual posts). So I created the new livery. It's not perfect. The adverts need changing (which will be done tomorrow), and there are a couple of other little things, but I hope everyone likes the new look.


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