Sunday, 4 September 2011

NEWS: Posting begins again next Friday


Some of you will have noticed that the last couple of weeks, ever since my optimistic post about how I would be posting regularly, there has been no posts on the site. This is for personal reasons beyond my control, as well as several reasons partially in my control - the latter being Jury Duty, Moving House and returning to University all in the space of a month.

This message is to let people know what's going on, at least vaguely, and to assure everyone that I will continue to review books, and will resume posting reviews next Friday (17th) . However, because I will be back at university - studying, I will be reducing the post rate to one post a week.

Unless I'm procrastinating.

Sorry for the lack of posts, and hope the future reviews are helpful to you.

Thanks for reading,

Adam Bourke

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