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Fury (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Book Seven)

Fury (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 7)Title: Fury
Author: Aaron Allston
Superseries: Star Wars
Series: Legacy of the Force
Preceeded By: Inferno by Troy Denning
Succeeded By: Revelation by Karen Traviss


Score: 9/10
How likely I am to read the next in the Series: Definite


When I reviewed the last book Allston wrote in the series, it as the worst so far. As of this book, I'm happy to say it keeps it's position. Allston exceeds his previous book considerably - and I found myself reading "Fury" much more voraciously than I read "Exile". It was an engaging story, filled with excitement and entertainment, AND we finally get to see a little bit more of Jaina - who until now has been mainly sidelined.

We also get to see more of Luke. Perhaps not so much as in "Inferno", but still a considerable amount more than in the previous books. And finally, Han and Leia are back with Luke, ready to take down the latest "Sith Lord", who again happens to be in their family. But it's good to see them fighting together again.

I particularly liked in this book that Jedi Council were more involved. Previously they tended to sit around talking, but we get to see them in action several times here. And they're pretty awesome. By this point in both the story of the main characters and the war, positions are beginning to become revealed, which means that there is less hiding, and more action. Things are happening. And it's interesting.

For the first time in a few books, there hasn't been a storyline that I've found dull, or people that I've found to be out of character. Wedge Antilles, a character that Allston has written about quite a lot, makes a return in this book, and I really enjoyed reading about him. To the point that I've been considering adding the books Allston wrote about him to my reading list. Not sure I can say anything more positive than that.

However, there is also a negative. When I was reading it I didn't really feel like I didn't want it to end. I wasn't disappointed that it ended. I really enjoyed reading it - but I didn't mind that it finished. Which isn't that great. I was looking forwards to the next book more than I was the next chapter. And I don't think that's Allston's fault. More that Traviss' last book was so good that I can't help but look forwards to the next.

Essentially this is a really good book in a really good series. It's about average for the series - neither good nor bad compared to the others. I did really enjoy this book, and I look forwards to the final two. This isn't as in-depth a review as for previous books - partly because I really want to read the next one, and since I bought this myself I can justify that - But I still recommend this series to everyone who likes Star Wars.

More Information

Main Protagonist(s): Several, mixed gender.
Main Antagonist(s): 1 male, 1 female
Main Relationships: Heterosexual
Genre: Science Fiction
Brief Synopsis:

As Jacen struggles with the loss of many supporters and almost all his friends and loved ones in his bid to rule the galaxy, Luke must deal with grief and the guilt at having killed the wrong person in revenge. The leaders of both sides of the galactic civil war are increasingly losing control over their forces, the Jedi and their allies are hunting the wrong target as they seek to bring the unknown murderer to justice, and a hidden group of Sith have to figure out what to do about Jacen and their own secret agenda. 
ISBN: 978-0099492078

Amazon Link: UK | US
Pages: 384
Published: 6 Dec 2007
Publisher: Arrow

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