Saturday, 14 May 2011

NEWS: Recent Delay

Some of you may have noticed that the most recent review was posted a few hours late. What happened!? Well, essentially Blogger/Blogspot/Google was having some problems and decided to solve it by deleting posts from the last three days temporarily (although none have mine have returned) and making it impossible to post for a while.

Since I had this on timer, it would have posted anyway I believe. Except that I set the timer two days ago. Meaning that that version of the post was deleted, and the old version without an incorrect timer was all that remained. I didn't know this at the time, so posted the post manually (apparently just after I was allowed to do so again.). I don't think this will happen again any time soon, but I thought I'd let people know what happened (Something Google is hesitant to do, apparently). Note: may get a second post of the previous entry sometime next week. I'm not sure if the old version will still try to post or not.

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