Sunday, 29 May 2011

NEWS: Monthly Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

I'm thinking of adding a monthly newsletter style post to the blog. perhaps the last Sunday of every month, or something along those lines. Now some of you might not want this. Some of you might just want to read reviews, and not bother with the running with the site.

Fair Enough. It's what you came for. Then really, you should look at post with the "review" tag. To be helpful, here's the link You can bookmark that for a quick link. But once a month isn't so bad is it?

For those of you who don't mind, or even welcome the idea of this type of post, let me know - it'll make me more likely to remember to do it if I know people are reading it.

And for this first newsletter the news is about the tabs that have been slowly appearing at the top of the page.

Home :- The main blog. It's the place the posts appear.

Request Review :- A place for Authors or Publishers to request a review to be published.

Donate :- The page to help contribute to the site. Reviews here are free for both the author and reader, and so it's helpful to get some money from somewhere. The money will go towards improving Review Haven.

Review Haven :- A page listing and linking to the other Review Haven sites. at this time there are only two others, which should be activated next month.

Other Review Blogs :- While I would much rather you visit here for reviews, there are other review blogs out there. Some will review books I don't, and vice versa. This is an interstitial attempt to spread the word.

Now you might be thinking that these are pretty self explanatory, and even if they weren't you could have just clicked on them. But I just wanted to point them out. Especially "Request Review" and "Donate", as the two of them are the foundation of Review Haven.

But most of all, keep reading, and keep reading reviews.

Adam Bourke,
-- Review Haven

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